“My whole self, was in fact a system of fragments.”

- Friedrich Schlegel

Artist Statement

My work is interested in sharing joy and nature through a fragmented lens. I am drawn to a collage based practice because of its fragmented nature. In life, we piece together different objects from various times and spaces of our lives, which create an integrated whole self. It is the truest perspective to capture the experience of our world in fragments, in collage.

I find folklore to be an indispensable source of creative inspiration. These types of stories are a primary place for poetic thought to thrive. Poetic thinking facilitates an understanding of interconnectedness, articulating the essence of life through language that fosters community and identity.

This transformative power extends to art, reshaping our perceptions and fortifying our faith in life's mysteries. In a society where money rules everything, leading us to be increasingly used and removed from our personal time, our connection with the natural world diminishes, leading to isolation, loneliness, stress, and anxiety. I compose collages where viewers can engage with the stories of places embracing a different order of time and a profound connection with nature.

Artist Bio

Bella LaMontagne is an analog collage artist based in Shelburne Falls Massachusetts. Her art and process are based in Naturphilosophie, which explores the relationship between Nature and the mind. Through the medium of collage, Bella breaks down the binary between humans and the wider biotic community. Her work speaks to the human right to roam, exploring the importance of access to natural spaces. She does this by combining fragments of symbolism, folklore, mythology, and contemporary material from magazines and books, to guide viewers through a thought provoking visual narrative that remystifies the world. Bella is a Finalist in the 9th edition of the Boynes Artist Award: Young Artist Category. Her work has been published in multiple publications including, the Red Ogre Review, the Indianapolis Review, the Santa Clara Review, and Photosynthesis Magazine. Bella has exhibited her work both regionally and internationally.